App Development

Algorithmic Trading Program (2020): Through taking advantage of intraday market volatility, this automated trading program enables outsized returns during bearish/neutral market conditions. The program was coded with Python. Contact for further information.

Immerse and Break Free were coded in Objective-C and Lua, respectively. Both apps were published to the Apple App Store.

Immerse (2016): Was designed to facilitate/automate the running and management of a popular game played in real life. The app was available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Break Free (2014): A game that was available on iPhone and iPad.

Nilen Patel’s Financial Market Action Updates

For students with no prior financial markets background. Each update contained unique content and focused on different aspects of financial markets, including earnings, in-depth analysis and headlines from the past week. These updates were not advice. 

For previous MAUs (1-18), email