Nilen Patel’s Financial Market Action Updates

For students with no prior financial markets background. Each update contains unique content and focuses on different aspects of financial markets, including earnings, in-depth analysis and headlines from the past week. View previous updates here.

Overweight Stocks (12/29/2019): BIDU, BYND, CVS, DOCU, NVDA, ROKU, TSLA, TTWO, UBER, UNH
Updates containing research are bolded.

December 2019
Contains a review of 2019 stock picks and performance and 2020 stock picks

August 2019
Contains research on Baidu, Weibo and select luxury fashion companies including Tapestry and Capri

Summer 2019
Contains research on the video game industry and healthcare insurance companies. Published on May 10, 2019

February 2019
Contains updates to stock picks for 2019.

January 2019
Contains research analyzing Bristol-Myers Squibb acquisition of Celgene

December 2018
Contains four stock picks for 2019

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Nilen is a senior at Rice University. You can view his work in the following sections.

Live More — The Film. Summer 2016. Filmed in Austin, Texas

Live More — The Trailer. Summer 2016.


AssassinsX Immerse and Break Free were coded by Nilen Patel in Objective-C and Lua, respectively. Both apps were published to the Apple App Store. To download or learn more, email Nilen at

AssassinsX Immerse: Designed to facilitate/automate the running and management of a popular game played in real life.

Break Free: A game that was available on iPhone and iPad.